Aquatic Waterlines

Intricate work can go into designing an image out such little space. Most of our designs are influenced by ancient patterns from roman mosaics. The outcome can change an entire appearance to swimming pools and water facades. Our products install flush and have a smooth, easy to maintain finish. Colors and sizes can be altered.

Aquatic Motifs

Mosaicist makes any swimming pool or water façade full of character and beauty with our Environmental Collections. From modern to old renaissance designs or motifs, we can portrait your projects as a byzantine era bath, to a living underwater museum. Most of our selections are custom and personalized. Our products install flush and have a smooth flat finish. Our motifs are beautiful and each piece in unique.

Aquatic Blend Finishes

The wide range of color from our Murano Series provide the creation of random blends of any kind. Color mixes are randomly set using different percentage.

Aquatic Gradient Finishes

Murano series color gradiations are hand mounted, numbered on the face of the sheets to facilities installation; the gradiations is obtained by changing the color concentration to the desired effects. Extraordinary aquatic facades represent this exotic finish.

Mosaicist makes it simple to create your personal aquatic environment.

For the Tile Council of America Specification ANSI 137.1 or installation instruction of our products, contact Mosaicist or visit www.mosaicist.com


Mosaicist specializes in swimming pools, spas, showers, fountains, and many other water facades. Custom designing by our artists and designers will make your projects one of a kind. Commission of old world designs to contemporary aquatic motifs are presented before execution. Our mosaic masterpieces will keep their lush appearance and color to last a lifetime.



Mosaicist offers specialized assistance for the installation of mosaic mediums on any kind of application, surface or technique. We are among the few companies in the world that are able to offer a complete mosaic project, including design, manufacture, preparation and installation. Our qualified installers are professionals and most of them have over 20 years of experience. Our crew are absolutely the finest and are ready to travel wherever our installation service are needed.

For complete installation instructions of our products visit our web-site www.mosaicist.com



Variety of Masterworks

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