Mosaicist specializes in medallions, backsplashes, murals and many other accent areas. Custom designing by our artists and designers will make a projects one of a kind. Commissions of old world to contemporary modern designs are presented before execution for client approval.

Our mosaic masterpieces will keep their lush appearance and color to last a lifetime.



Mosaicist offer specialized assistance for the installation of mosaic mediums on any kind of application surface or technique. We are among the few companies in the world that are able to offer a complete mosaic project, including design, manufacture, preparation and installation. Our qualified installers are professionals and most of them have over 20 years of experience. Our crew are absolutely the finest and are ready to travel wherever our installation services are needed.

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Variety of Masterworks


Medallions – These design studies have been carefully chosen by artisans who have engaged with Mosaicist Inc., in producing newly styled concepts that create depth from illusions and contrast. These conceptions retain a basic blueprint and follow the traditional layout of designs from ancient history. Medallions can be incorporated into traditional and elegant geometric shapes such as squares and ovals among others. Sizes and colors can be altered.

Borders & Accents

Intricate work can go into designing an image out of such little space. Border inlays such as in a perimeter of a dining room floor or bathroom wall are classic. Various Border designs complement Medallion and Venetian Rug designs. Custom corner can be made to fit any length of any design. Resulting in a mosaic inlay that seems like it was executed on site. Colors and sizes can be altered.

Venetian Rug

Our Venetian Rugs are carefully designed to fit space areas such as corridors, breezeways and any other geometrical areas. Border designs usually lace the perimeter of our pieces. Our Venetian Rugs are breathtaking and absolutely beautiful. Sizes and colors can be altered.

Venetian Patterns

Our pattern designs and color combinations are created to enhance the beauty of mosaic art to any application. These mosaic designs capture elegance in a large form. All of our products are also applicable for floor finishes. Our assistance and installation support help make any floor covering durable and last a lifetime.


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